pretty-little-fitblr: I try to balance things out by creating a routine, and exercising on certain days. Often things like social life, exams, or tiredness mess it up a bit but I've started taking classes at my local gym which really help me stick to it :D 

Yeh, that’s good - putting your money on it is always a good motivator! :D

theawkwardfitblr: Balance is something I tend to struggle with but my Erin Condren planner arrives on Monday and I always find that having a schedule to work from helps me make sure that I'm taking care of all aspects! I'm hoping that Monday will mean getting on top of everything again! 

Yeh, true! That always helps! Yup, let’s keep positive! :D

"When did loving yourself become so rare, that it’s revolutionary to do so?"
- (160/365) by (DS)

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healing-with-fitness: How do I balance my life? Budgeting! We budget out money, so why not our time! Instead of taking breaks from schoolwork by doing nothing, I socialize! Or, if I feel like being alone I bake for my family and friends. For self-care, I do a home spa at least once a week :) 

Good one! :)

naturalpositivehealth: Love that you're promoting balance! I'm a working mom who fights depression and recovering from binge eating. Sometimes I want to just give up and eat my feelings and be lazy. I've been treating exercise as a prescription and part of my morning routine. I set my alarm so that I get up early enough to get it done so that I don't have to worry about it through the day. It was hard to get used to but I feel so much better! That resonates through everything else in my life. 

That is wonderful! Treating exercise as prescription! That’s awesome! You got this girl! You can do it! I know u can! ^^ xxx